Since the 2008 recession, I’ve seen far too many North Carolinians struggle just to make ends meet. I’ve see North Carolinians who cannot find work to sustain their families and children who have seen their quality public education options diminish. I’ve seen failed leaders who have ignored our most vital needs: jobs, wages, education, and foreign policies that benefit Americans and secure our future as a nation. Our current representatives in Raleigh and Washington are too focused on partisan politics and on getting re-elected, while ignoring the issues that really matter to their constituents.

To improve the lives of all North Carolinians, I believe we must work swiftly to improve civic engagement by electing politicians who will always vote in the interest of of you, the constituent, not big donors and specialist interests. We have a government that does not serve its people. With Congressional approval ratings at an all-time low, now is the time for real, lasting change and an end to divisive, partisan politics. While economists will tell you our country has recovered from the 2008 recession, North Carolina has fallen behind under majority Republican leadership. Growth in other sectors has not made up for  thousands of lost jobs in manufacturing, textiles, and agriculture, while our population continues to grow and more jobs are lost to international trade deals. Our elected leaders sit idly while North Carolina suffers. Now is the time when we must develop new solutions to generate economic growth throughout our Old North State.


As a Greensboro native raised by hardworking North Carolinians, I will fight for the people of North Carolina and for policies that reflect our values,  improve the quality of our lives, and ensure economic prosperity in our great state.

We face a critical time worthy of our attention. Please join me in this campaign to get North Carolina moving forward. Your support before the primary is vital. Join me in the effort to restore a sense of pride in North Carolina’s democratic process.

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