“I am running to be your Congressman, and I am asking you to share with me your thoughts about the future of your healthcare.

As your representative in Congress, I will put the needs of North Carolinians over the life-threatening greed of the insurance industry and corporate interests looking to privatize Medicaid, Medicare, and Veterans services. From newborns to our grandparents, each person deserves access to affordable, high-quality, effective medical care.

I want to know how you are feeling about your healthcare’s future. I want to know if you feel secure with your current provider, if you feel that what you have is adequate and affordable for your needs, and if the on-again, off-again discussions of your future needs and access impacts your well-being.

Thank you for your attention, your support, and your commitment that together, we will move healthcare (and our nation) forward!”—Adam Coker

Is Concern For the Future of Your Healthcare Making You Sick?
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