I’m a North Carolinian who works every week to provide for my family. I take to the roads with my truck to relocate people and goods from one place to another. Others work in the local markets while some stand all day manufacturing aerospace equipment and others spend their nights cleaning floors of our local schools. I’m just one of the working men and women in our community, and like many these days, I feel disconnected from the decisions made in our state and our nation.

We simply are not represented in the places our laws are created. Today, our representatives’ annual incomes dwarf those of the people they are elected to represent. I believe it is time that we look to leadership that can understand what challenges face real Americans every day, and this is what motivates me to run to represent North Carolina’s 13th District in the U.S. Congress.

I want my neighbors to know that working families have a representative in office who’ll fight for them rather than elite families in bed with banks and insurance providers who profit from deciding who does and doesn’t deserve health insurance.

In order to move NC’s 13th Congressional District and the rest of the nation forward, working men and women like you have already decided to support my run for office. In the days to come, I hope to convince those who are yet undecided that I’m someone they can trust and who has their backs in North Carolina and in Washington.

If you believe in creating that society, you are not alone. We have an unprecedented opportunity to bring about meaningful change here at home and in Washington. Our hope and a common belief that working families deserve a voice at the legislative table unites us and your support is essential to making that belief a reality.

Join me in the effort to lift up the voices of working families in North Carolina and in Washington through support of the campaign, either through volunteering or contribution. Together, we must move our nation and our state forward.

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